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MRCOOL DIY Single-Zone

Energy Star Rated Single Zone Heat Pump

Ductless Mini-Split with WiFi

When it comes to doing it yourself, the MRCOOL 3rd Generation Enhanced DIY is for made you. The included 25 pre-charged line-set allows you to install this innovative ductless system without special tools, equipment, or training.  Fully WIFI enabled, you can control your comfort from your smartphone, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa out of the box.   

  • Easy DIY Installation - with our experts on hand
  • Rebate Approved
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Smartphone App Control from Anywhere
  • Leakage Detection Alarm Protects Your Investment
  • Low Ambient Cooling down to 5°F
  • Digital Assistant Ready
Special Features - Read more

Remote and WiFi Smart Kit - Included
Easy DIY Installation -
no special tools, training or equipment required!
Sleep Mode - When in this mode, unit will automatically adjust the temperature to maximize comfort during night time sleep. When in COOL mode, it will raise the temperature by 2°F after 1 hour, and will increase an additional 2°F after another hour. If in HEAT mode, it will lower the temperature by 2°F after 1 hour, and decrease an additional 2°F after another hour. After 7 hours running in SLEEP mode, the system switches off automatically.
Leakage Protection- Protect your Investment! - When your MrCool DIY unit detects low refrigerant an alert will notify you of the problem. This prevents damage to the compressor while maintaining optimal air comfort.
Follow Me - This tells the air conditioner to set the temperature from where the remote is located in the room, which counteracts the tendency of air conditioners to stop heating or cooling because the air around the unit has reached the set temperature.
Low Ambient Cooling - Cooling down to 5°F, which makes this ideal for server rooms, greenhouses, and any other application that requires cooling year round.
Variable-speed DC Inverter compressor.


Package includes:
MRCOOL DIY Condenser
MRCOOL DIY Wall Mount Air Handler
DIY Quick Connect line-set
5 year Parts and 7 year Condenser Warranty

Optional Accessories:
PVC Line-guard
Wall Mount

Order today for delivery in 6 to 10 days.

Legal Disclaimer

Installation of the product must comply with all applicable codes and regulations. The service of a certified and trained electrical technician may be required for the installation process.


Tech Specs

Sizing Chart


Common Questions


  • How is it DIY?

    It’s DIY because there’s no handling of refrigerant. Our patented Quick-Connect lines come pre-charged and sealed from the factory with the correct amount of R-410A refrigerant. This means there’s no requirement for an HVAC engineer to vacuum or pressurize the system using specialized equipment. Anyone can now install a heat pump safely, quickly and easily without special tools, equipment or training.

    Please view our short introduction videos below.
    Single zones systems: Product Video
    Multi zone systems: Product Video
    Central systems: Product Video
    Simple DIY installation: See How

    DIY Heat Pump

    View other FAQ’s below:

  • How do you save me money?
    We save you money on installation costs.

    Our patented pre-charged line sets allow you to install a heat pump yourself with no special tools, equipment or knowledge.  Doing it yourself or appointing a local handyman, will cost a fraction (up to 60% less) of what an HVAC engineer will charge.

    We save you money on energy costs.

    Next-generation air sourced heat pumps harvest outside warmth at -30°C and save energy year-round. It is for this reason that they’re 300-400% efficient. For every dollar they use to run, they can provide three to four dollars worth of energy, saving you up to 70% on your energy costs.

  • What's the warranty?
    The system comes with a full DIY 7-year condenser and 5-year parts warranty.
    Note: This warranty covers installing the unit yourself as this is a DIY product.

  • What's the dimensions?
    Click HERE for single-zone dimensions.
    Click HERE for multi-zone dimensions.

  • Coldest temperature they can run?
    DIY mini-split systems run most efficiently down to around -5 degrees C. They will continue to work down to around -15 degrees C but become less efficient at extreme temperatures – you can view the tech specs here.

    MrCool Universal Series can heat effectively below freezing. It can even heat effectively below zero and keep heating effectively down into negative double digits. It can keep a 1500 sf house at 70 degrees in -20 and below – you can view the tech specs here.

  • Can I get them serviced?
    Yes, these are normal heat pumps – the only difference is the 3″ quick connect valve that allows the lines to be pre-charged for the do it yourself installation.
    Once installed they are fully serviceable as with any heat pump and many local independent heat pump companies are happy to service them.

  • Where are you based?
    We have offices and warehouse facilities in Brampton Ontario, Vancouver and Victoria BC.

  • How loud do the outside condensers run?
    The internal air handlers are designed to be whisper quiet [bedroom operation].

    Our DIY systems are ultra-quiet because they were ‘specifically designed’ for strata properties and condos and are inaudible from anywhere within the building.

    The maximum rated sound level for the outside compressor(s):

    Single Zones (dBA)
    12K (45)
    18K (58)
    24K (60)
    36K (64)

    Multi Zones (dBA)
    27K (63)
    36K (64)

    It’s rare to run at maximum because once the internal set point has been reached, the compressor will shut down. We can say with certainty that when the compressor only needs to maintain equilibrium, the noise level is considerably less – akin to a quiet whisper. 

    So we could say the rated range is from a quiet whisper (30 dBA) to normal conversation at 3 feet (64 dBA).

    Homes are generally a set distance apart from one another. If we say 24 feet for easy math – we can apply the inverse square law as follows:

    18K = dBA (58 – 18) = 40 dBA (sound of a quiet refrigerator)

    27K = dBA (63 – 18) = 45 dBA (faint rainfall)

    This is the noise level outside “standing outside”. If an occupant was standing within the building – it would be significantly less because you’d need to account for double glazing and building insulation. This would reduce the sound level by a further 30 – 50% – making them inaudible to anyone inside the building.

    This video shows one of our compressors running on maximum – this unit is the largest we sell (36K) – it is self-evident that I can easily talk over the top of it.

  • How does your warranty compare to competitors?
    Our systems come with a full Do It Yourself (DIY) warranty unlike many of our competitors. Our products are the only True DIY HVAC system on the market.

    If you purchase an alternative system and do not have it installed by a licensed HVAC professional you may void the warranty. Some systems appear to be DIY products but when you check the small print – you’ll find that they need a licenced HVAC contractor to prevent voiding the warranty – please see below.

    Proper installation – Limited warranty applies only to systems that are installed by a state-certified or licensed HVAC contractor[1], under applicable local and state law in accordance with all applicable building codes and permits, Senville installation and operation instructions and good trade practices. The Company reserves the right to request proof of proper installation before enforcing this warranty.

    Source: please click HERE

    Comparing any non-DIY product that voids the warranty unless professionally installed by a certified or licensed HVAC contractor – is not the same as our tier 1 product that comes with a full DIY warranty, a high level of technical support and parts availability. Warranties and product quality protect your investment and are an important consideration when comparing products.

  • How Do I Get Tech Support?
    We don’t expect you to have problems with your unit, but if you do, it’s a good idea to have at least some idea of what’s going on.

    Please watch this video here for how the Mr Cool tech support process works.

    In the first instance – please contact them on 270-366-0457 and follow their tech support procedure.

    It’s important to note that they operate on a recorded call system. You leave your name & telephone number – they will call you back in priority sequence. They are based in Kentucky so will be operating on central time – for this reason, it is important to provide your cell phone number.  We do not provide the manufacturer’s technical support or process warranty claims. Once they have you in their system they do an excellent job. In almost all cases they manage to rectify technical issues with you over the phone. It requires a little patience and confidence that they will get to you in sequence.

  • What is displacement heating?
    Displacement Heating

    Displacement heating is where a heat pump provides most of the home’s heating and cooling – year-round.
    It is equivalent to boiling warm water – very little energy is needed to bring it to a boil. Similarly, with your home’s heating/cooling – very little energy is needed to heat/cool areas where air handlers are not installed. If the room’s temperature is 18C and the occupant turns the baseboard up to 21C – very little energy is consumed before the baseboard thermostat shuts off. This is due to the latent effect of the heat pump. The additional energy [when needed] using a displacement baseboard approach is minimal.

    Many cold-weather heat pumps -15C use resistive heat (same efficiency ratio as a baseboard heater 1KW:1KW) to operate below -5C. This is no different to operating a baseboard in the house. The fact that your heat pump provides 80%+ of your home’s heating/cooling is a huge energy saving. Sometimes it’s not worth spending twice the amount for a 20% gain.

  • Can you recommend an installer?
    Our systems are self-install systems or (DIY) Do It Yourself. They are incredibly simple to install as they only require a 3.5-inch hole.

    Here’s what we suggest you do:

    1. Reconsider if you can actually do it yourself – perhaps you could enlist the help of a friend, neighbour or a family member?
    2. Try looking online or asking if anyone in your local community knows a good handyman?
    3. Ask your local electrician if he can install the system for you. Remind him that he’ll be doing the electrical work and it’s not that difficult for him/her to drill a 3.5 inch hole. This is a great opportunity for them to earn an installation fee on top of any electrical work.
    4. Consider calling up a general contractor and asking them – people like this know many tradespeople that may be able to help.
    5.  Email these people the links below to show them just how easy it is to install one of these systems.

    Our systems are 60% less cost to install than an HVAC company will charge because our pre-charged line-sets remove the expensive HVAC labour cost. The only skill needed to install one of these systems is the ability to drill a hole. If you cannot or do not want to do this – then you may need to consider paying two or three times the costs for an HVAC company to fit a non-DIY system.

  • Electrical

  • What size breakers do I need?
    Please check HERE for single-zone electrical specifications.
    Please check HERE for multi-zone electrical specifications.

  • How's the compressor and air handlers wired up?
    The outside condenser is connected to the home’s electrical panel via a 120V (12K single-zone compressors only) or 220V circuit (18K 24K 27K & 36K compressors). It will need an HVAC disconnect – see here to be up to code.

    The air handlers are connected to the condenser by a low voltage [extendable] communication cable and follow the same route as the line sets. The communication wire is extended by cutting it and adding the new line – it is re-joined using standard electrical crimps – see here.

    You can either do the electrical work yourself and ask a qualified electrician to check/test and sign it off or ask them to do all the work.

    Note: If you’re applying for a rebate you’ll need an electrical permit – home wiring with the district or anyone but a qualified electrician signing it off – is not valid.

  • What if I don't want to use a professional electrician?
    This is our company’s policy on this:

    Installation of the product must comply with all applicable codes and regulations. The service of a certified and trained electrical technician may be required for the installation process. 

    In many cases, a professional electrician may be willing to sign off on your own electrical work, provided that s/he feels comfortable with your experience and skills. They will need to check/test your wiring to ensure it meets building code and electrical safety standards. You will need the electrical installation permit in order to claim the rebate. If you don’t want to do this – that’s fine, but you are unlikely to qualify for the rebate.

    Please note: electrical homeowner permits are not acceptable for this type of installation because you have not installed using a licensed professional e.g. electrician.

  • Pre-charged Line Sets

  • How do I extend the lines if I need more than 25'?
    What sizes do they come in – what if I need more than 25′?

    Line sets come in standard 25′ lengths and are joined together using a coupler. The coupler comes with an additional 25′ – 50′ length of communication wire. This original wire is cut and extended to the length desired using standard electrical crimps. We also have non-standard 16′ line set lengths available for purchase.

    What’s the longest line-set length(s)?

    The longest single length is 115 ft – this is made up of a combination of 16′ or 25′ line-set sections with the use of one or more couplers.
    The maximum total [combined] length is 262 ft.
    The maximum vertical height [not length] between the condenser and any air handler is 50 ft.

  • What about excess line-set length?
    Pre-charged line sets come in a coil and are designed to be coiled up behind the condenser out of sight. If you want to make a nice looking cover for the coiled line set, please watch the video below.


  • Orders

  • How fast is delivery?
    In-stock items are shipped the same or the next day and typically arrive in 2 – 4 working days.

    If we have to special order an item – shipping is typically 2 – 4 weeks and we aim to carry most items in stock.

  • Can I collect?
    Free local collection is available at any time.

  • How do I order?
    You can either place your order online for single-zone systems or contact us for pricing on multi-zone or central systems.
    Please remember that every home’s different – how you and your family use your space will be unique to you. We will guide you through the process of choosing the right system to suit your home and budget. We have over a hundred different multi-zone configurations so prices depend on your home’s package.

    When it comes to ordering a multi-zone system – you’ll need to order it as a complete kit. You cannot order in bits and pieces because they are not sold as individual products. It would not make sense to order a smaller kit e.g. lower total number of air handlers because the shipping costs of the additional items would work out more expensive. Also, there are technical constraints of fitting a min 50% BTUs of the compressor e.g. 36k compressor needs min no of air handlers [9K + 9K].

  • Do you issue refunds?
    Only on items that have not been shipped – please read our terms & conditions here.

  • Can I return unused items?
    Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds on behalf of the manufacturer as the items have already been purchased from them.
    It’s a bit like ordering a bike online and wanting to return the wheels – it would be good – but the manufacturer is not set up to process such requests.
    In some cases, we may be prepared to purchase items at our discretion for their wholesale cost – but this depends on our stock requirements at the time.
    In this case, the customer would be responsible for shipping the items to us at their own cost. The items would need to be in re-sellable condition e.g. unopened.

  • How does multi-zone pricing work?
    We sell over 180 different combinations of the DIY multi-zone system – there’s no such thing as a standard 2/3/4 zone system. 

    To receive a multi-zone quote you’ll need to click the link below and configure your system bundle.

    Configure Your Mr Cool DIY System Bundle

    Please give us (1) the Bundled System Model Number & (2) the Components in Bundle list.

    This will give us the necessary information we need to provide an accurate quote for you.

    • The total number of air handlers (zones).
    • The BTU size of each inside air handler.
    • The BTU size of the outside condenser (27K/36K).
    • The line-set lengths from the condenser to each air handler.
      Note: these come in 25′ sections and connect together to a maximum of 116′ per run.

    If you have any questions please contact us for assistance.

  • Current lead times & stock levels
    Stock Levels: 
    Single-Zone systems: in stock
    Central systems: in stock
    Multi-Zone systemspartially out of stock – pls see below:

    The manufacturer’s slowly moving from 3rd to 4th generation so is running stock levels down.
    We anticipate the 4th generation being available within six months and are taking pre-orders (no prices as yet).

    If you don’t want to wait and would like to order now – you’ll need to replace the items in red with the items in blue.

    9K Air Handler with a 12K Air Handler
    27K Condenser with a 36K Condenser

    Note: a 12K air handler will behave in the same way as a 9K because it has a DC inverter that lowers the input according to demand.

    If you have yet to order you have two choices:
    1. Click HERE to configure your system bundle – please email us:
    Your Bundled System Model Number
    Components in Bundle
    2. Wait for the next generation ~ 6 months.

    If you have already ordered you have two choices.
    1. Click HERE to reconfigure your system bundle – please email us:
    Your Bundled System Model Number
    Components in Bundle
    2. Request a full refund and wait for the next generation ~ 6 months.

    Note: although the next generation is due to arrive at some point later this year – it will be more expensive. So it is our recommendation to see if you can make (3rd Gen work for you). There will be no difference in terms of support, warranty or parts availability between generations.

    Current Lead Times:
    Single-Zone Systems: 10 to 14 days.
    Multi-Zone & Central Systems: 4 to 6 weeks

  • What's the ballpark costs?
    Single-Zone systems start from $2149.00 for a 12K BTU’s and go up to $3720.00 for a 36K system.

    Multi-Zone systems start from $4500.00 for a dual zone up to $6700 for a four zone system.

    Universal central systems start from around $6340.00 for a 2/3 ton system up to $7500.00 for a 4/5 ton system.

    Delivery included.

  • Rebates

  • Do your products qualify for rebates?
    Depending on where you live yes.

    For example, if you live in BC you could get up to $11,000 for switching to an electric heat pump from a fossil fuel heating source. This includes a $3,000 rebate from BC Hydro, which is in addition to CleanBC’s existing $3,000 rebate. Eligible applicants can receive a combined rebate of up to $6,000 from BC Hydro and CleanBC in one application while funding lasts. 

    You may also be eligible for up to $5,000 in additional rebates from the federal government’s Canada Greener Homes Grant. This is a separate program with its own eligibility criteria and application process, which requires registration and a home evaluation before making any upgrades. 

    The great news is you can find our MR COOL DIY Heat pumps on the rebate-eligible heat pump list provided by BC Hydro so you’re already one step closer to an efficient, rebate ready heat pump system. 

    To see what you could qualify for click HERE.  

  • Rebate says must be professionally installed?
    Rebates are subject to the “relevant trade” – our systems come with pre-charged line sets so don’t require an HVAC technician to vacuum the lines and charge them with refrigerant. Similarly, we don’t need a welder, gas fitter or plumber. The only relevant trade for this type of heat pump installation is a qualified electrician and you will need an electrical installation permit in order to claim your rebate. We have helped many customers successfully claim their rebates and will explain how the process works before your installation.

  • Air Handlers

  • Can I install the other air handlers later on a multi-zone system?
    The minimum amount of air handlers you need to install must be at least 50% of the compressor’s capacity.
    So a 36K compressor with 9K 9K 9K 9K air handlers will require a minimum of two 9K air handlers installed.

  • Can the lines come out of the side?
    Yes the line can come out of either side of the air handler – please see the video below.


  • Can I mount them on an internal wall?
    Yes, you can please see this video.

  • What size are the internal wall units (air handlers)?
    The internal wall mounted air handlers come in different sizes [9k 12k 18k 24k and 36k] – please take a look at the specification tables below.
    Single-Zone Air Handlers 
    Multi-Zone Air Handlers

    Note: The must be mounted no less than 5.9″ from the ceiling and are not suitable for wall mounting.
    Note: The DIY systems come with wall-mounted and not cassette type air handlers.


  • How loud are internal air handlers?
    Please check HERE for single-zone air handler specifications.
    Please check HERE for multi-zone air handler specifications.

  • Can I buy a partial multi-zone kit and purchase additional air handlers and lines later?
    No, you need to order the correct kit from the get-go e.g. the right amount of air handlers and line sets – if you wish to order additional line sets, couplers or accessories we can supply those locally.

    We do not recommend ordering partial kits as full kits are discounted. These items are drop shipped from our warehouse, so it is more cost-effective to send everything together on one or two pallets. You don’t have to install the additional air handlers immediately as long as you fit  50% or more of the condenser’s capacity e.g. 36K condenser = air handlers 9K + 9K.

  • My air handler's been upgraded from 9K to 12K BTU's
    The manufacturer is currently out of 9K air handlers and has asked us to replace them with 12 Ks.

    A 12K air handler can act as a 9K air handler and not affect performance. This is because the system contains a DC inverter that allows the system to provide the exact amount of energy required for a zone. Unlike old-fashioned systems that used to shut off, these modern systems adjust their output rates accordingly.

    There is not much difference in cost – and you are getting a slightly larger capacity.

  • Universal Series

  • Can you tell me more about the Universal Series?

    Changing the face of HVAC
    More comfort in colder climates.

    The MRCOOL Universal Heat Pump is a highly efficient heating and air system that offers reliable, accurate and affordable temperature control. Quick Connect precharged lines can be installed in minutes without special tools or training.

    High Efficiency
    NOT Your Typical Heat Pump
    Heating‡: 100% Capacity at -5°F and 78% Capacity at -22°F*
    Cooling‡: 100% Capacity at 115°F and 78% Capacity at 130°F*

    Please see our product videos below:
    Installation video
    Operating efficiency video 
    Heats at -30C video

    Please see our 2/3 & 4/5 ton brochures below:
    Universal condenser
    Universal air handler
    Universal tech specs

    Tools and Resources:

    Note: the Universal series is a DIY system but careful consideration needs to be given to your existing or new ductwork. The ductwork needs to be able to accommodate the airflow (cubic feet per minute CFM) and velocity (feet per minute FPM) of your new system.

    HVAC calculations
    Manual J
    – the amount of heating/cooling your home needs.
    Manual S – the equipment selection based on J above.
    Manual D – to ensure that the ducts in your forced-air system are sized correctly so conditioned air gets distributed as needed throughout the home.

    BTU Load Calculator (Manual J)
    This tool allows you to quickly determine the amount of heating and cooling a residential building needs based on its specs and design.

    Equipment Selection (Manual S)
    We will use your Manual J calculation to recommend the correct system for your needs

    Ductwork Calculator (Manual D)
    This tool allows you to easily calculate the right size duct for your projects.

    Important Note: If you’re not comfortable doing this and or need custom sheet metal – we can offer the services of an online ductwork specialist that can assist you. It’s an important process and doing it correctly will save you many thousands of dollars.

  • 13 reviews for MRCOOL DIY Single-Zone

    1. Martin

      Amazing customer service – amazing product – the 12K took me about 4 hours to install. Very happy local pick up was great. Will buy again.

    2. Jenny

      Amazing company just installed a 24K system super happy with it

    3. Frank

      Awesome value – very happy – 12000 BTU single-zone was perfect for my garage – great pricing and company to deal with. Same day collection worked for me.

    4. Joan

      Very helpful company – we installed a 24K single zone pump into our new home’s extension. The pricing was great, really helpful guys to ask questions – all in all very happy.

    5. Lara

      Saanich BC – highly recommend these guys – their customer support was amazing!

    6. Kate Lewis

      Amazing and very helpful service – we saved a lot of money – highly recommended.

    7. Stephen

      Super quick deliver – in stock next day shipping. Amazing service and very helpful staff. Highly recommended.

    8. Tim

      I live in Vancouver, super quick shipping. Fitted an 18K unit into my workshop. Customer service was excellent. Highly recommended.

    9. Guido

      Couldn’t be happier. We have a new build house with concrete floors and baseboards. Installed in a day – great service. Thanks.

    10. Parry

      Awesome product – we bought a 24k single zone unit. It’s really quiet and superb customer service. These guys know their stuff and are super helpful.

    11. Mike

      18k is a very efficient unit, exactly what it says as advertised, I won’t hesitate to get another unit when needed. The service was excellent, very helpful – glad I bought from this company.

    12. CathyB

      My husband had done a lot of research before we purchased a 24K DIY unit. I was concerned primarily about the installation but it was rather easy. These guys offered us some really helpful advice. Other retailers were telling me it would be weeks before they could get it, but these guys delivered it in just over a week. Worked perfectly for our converted attic space.

    13. Peter

      Love how quiet the unit is and was really easy to hook up. Instructions were straight forward although I’ve done a few projects in my home so I was familiar. I was really about overtightening the connections but it ended up not being an issue. Tightened til they stopped and no leaks. Customer service was fantastic and really helped me with my questions.

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