How we installed our own DIY Heat Pump.

Our videos below guide you through the process of unboxing and the steps we followed to install our own multi-zone DIY Heat Pump.  With minimal DIY skills we managed to install the system over a weekend with two people.

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Anyone can now install a DIY heat pump safely, quickly and easily without special tools, equipment or training.  It’s DIY because there’s no requirement for an HVAC engineer to vacuum or pressurize the system using specialized equipment. The patent-pending Quick-Connect line-sets come pre-charged and sealed from the factory with the correct amount of R-410A refrigerant.

Next-generation air sourced heat pumps harvest outside warmth at -30°C and save energy year-round. It is for this reason that they’re 300-400% efficient. For every dollar they use to run, they can provide three to four dollars worth of energy – saving you up to 70% on your energy costs. In addition to this, you also save on installation costs because the system is DIY and Handyman Friendly. Doing it yourself or appointing a local handyman, will cost a fraction (up to 60% less) of what an HVAC engineer will charge.

Every home is different – how you and your family use your space will be unique to you. We will guide you through the process of choosing the right system to suit your home and budget. We provide you with advice, support & resources that make installation easy. Our team will be on hand throughout the process to answer additional questions you may have.

As a registered Mr Cool reseller – we don’t just sell heat pumps, we provide a personalized service that helps with design, installation and BC Government rebates. Unlike other companies, we also provide lifetime product support for additional peace of mind.

Ready to Save up to 70% on Your Energy Bill?