Why DIY?

Clean. Simple. Affordable.

Save up to 70% on your heating bill, and up to 60% on installation costs – No HVAC engineer required.

Canada’s Leading DIY Heat Pump Specialist

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Clean Efficient Energy 

Next generation air sourced heat pumps can harvest warmth at -30°C and save energy year round.  This makes them good for your pocket and much kinder to the environment.  

Simple to Install

Installing a heat pump has never been easier. Our patent-pending technology requires no special tools, equipment, or training. Click the play button below.

DIY Install

Our self-install guides, videos and product support – make installation simple. We guide you through the process every step of the way.

Handyman Friendly

Need a bit of help? No problem. As the only true DIY HVAC on the market – our self-install kit is a perfect fit for your local handyman.


Immediate Returns.

Save up to 70% on your heating costs.

Save up to 60% on installation costs.

Quick payback period.  

  • Baseboard Heating Cost 100% 100%
  • Heat Pump Heating Cost 30% 30%


Example. Monthly. Savings

How Can Finance Save You Money?

  • * Baseboard monthly heating cost – $315.00 100% 100%
  • Heat pump monthly heating cost + loan payment (5 yrs) – $212.00 67% 67%

* A typical 2000 sq ft home uses approximately 27,000 kWh in heat per year. Example based on the purchase of a DIY multi-zone system with No Money Down, and a BC Hydro step-2 rate of $0.1403 per kWh with a 5 year loan at 6.5% interest per annum. 

Ready to Save up to 70% on Your Energy Bill?

Clean. Simple. Affordable.

The only True DIY HVAC on the market.