Do you want to save money and energy? Mr Cool has a do-it-yourself heat pump that will help! Mr Cool DIY Heat Pumps are designed for simplicity. They are easy to install, work with almost any type of home and use up to 75% less electricity than electric baseboard heating.

DIY heat pumps save money and energy because they don’t generate heat directly. They just move heat from inside to outside in the summer, and from outside to inside in winter. The Mr Cool DIY heat pump system is a great product.

How reliable are Mr Cool DIY Heat Pumps?

Mr Cool also offers a 7 year DIY warranty on their heat pump condenser. Heat pumps are very reliable and typically last for up to 20 years. The Mr Cool DIY heat pump system is a great product.

The key benefit of the Mr Cool DIY heat pump is that it’s easy and inexpensive to install yourself – saving thousands in installation costs. You will immediately start noticing significant savings every month with your new unit, meaning you’ll recoup your investment within a few years if used through an entire summer and winter. It’s also a great product because it offers awesome customer service as well as comprehensive warranties on heating components for up to five full seasons (seven years total.

Mr Cool DIY Heat Pumps have great reviews online because it’s a quality product that is easy to install.

DIY saves you money and energy.

DIY is a great option for any person who wants an inexpensive way to heat their home without the added installation cost. You will most likely do a much better job than an HVAC company because it is your own home. You can take the time to make sure that the job is perfect and to your liking. You are free to continue at your own pace.